Successful Business Women – Go Speak Dating! Part 1

Nov 12, 2012 by

Hi Nice to Meetcha!

Speak Dating!  A Series of Tips and Techniques for Successful Business Women to Support Your Quest for the GREAT Gigs – Part 1

Since I have just written a whole series on my dating escapades online and taught you all about how to use and learn from Skunk Medicine as an ally in your client attraction and selection process I thought I might continue the dating theme but instead share with you some of the things I’ve learned about getting myself set up for Speaking dates which have been significantly more enjoyable AND lucrative then personal relationship dates that I’ve been experiencing up until now!

I want to preface this series by referring you back to the CAT series I wrote a few months ago where I shared about my  Empowered Messenger Client Attraction Template™ (something all successful business women need!) – you may recall (or you might want to go ahead and read that series if you are new to my blog) that SPEAKING was first on the list for client attraction for me in my own business and it’s a practice that I’m intent upon helping other messengers to engage in regularly so that they can get their message out and heard by the people who need to be served.  In fact I’m on a quest to help as many messengers as possible Prepare to Be Heard by Millions!

This series is a little tongue in cheek but I believe you’ll get some value.  I have several strategies and tactics that I’m going to cover.  Here’s the preview of the series:

How did you meet?

Who asked who out?

Did you get dressed up and ready to go?

Where did you do it?

What was it like?

Did you get a lot of attention?

How much did you have to put out?

Was it as good for you?

Are you getting together again?

Check in next week, be sure to comment and let me know of your own Speak Dating experiences or questions and be sure to share with other successful business women too!!

Here we go – Speak Dating for the Empowered Messenger!



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