Successful Business Women – Go Speak Dating!–Part 10 – Are You Getting Together Again?

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Successful Business Women – Go Speak Dating!–Part 10 – Are You Getting Together Again?
check offSuccessful business women understand that the main purpose of “Speak Dating” is to make connections – primarily with the audience members – so that they can be inspired to want to know more or go deeper in exploring the message and the work that is being offered.  You want to always provide a way for people to continue to connect with you.Even if you aren’t in an event or environment where selling is permitted you need to make sure that you give people ways to stay in touch and that you capitalize on the experience by also seeking out additional opportunities for you to speak again – either for that host again at some time in the future or via connections from the audience to other venues, groups or organizations they may know of that would benefit from hearing your message.
Remember the “golden goose” rule which is you need to pay attention to #1 (yourself and your business/message) first and foremost.  It’s your job to do a “post event” assessment to determine how impactful, profitable and rewarding the engagement was and to analyze where you could do better going forward.  Here are some assessment questions you might want to ask yourself:


  1. Was this event profitable?
  2. How many clients or new leads/list subscribers can be directly attributed to this particular speaking engagement?
  3. Did the host do a good job of promoting the event?
  4. Was this particular audience responsive to the message/talk that was delivered?
  5. How many people were in attendance (get numbers from your event hosts if it’s a virtual event)
  6. How many people was the event promoted to (YOU ARE ENTITLED TO KNOW – do not be afraid to ask for the numbers from your host – and you can ask to get expected numbers in advance – for promotion and attendance)
  7. Were there competing speakers on the stage who were offering similar or nearly identical work?
  8. How did the delivery of the talk go?
  9. How much energy went into accepting, preparing for, delivering at and following up from the event?
  10. Was it FUN AND FUNDED?


This is just a brief list of the qualifying questions successful business women would want to ask themselves when it comes to determining whether or not it would serve to ‘get together again’ with that particular host. Of course if all systems are  go and you have lots of positive answers to the questions above then most definitely you will want to make sure you circle back around with your host I ALWAYS send a thank you following an engagement and I love it even MORE when I can send a CHECK to my host (or I receive one from them) for sales that I can directly attribute to that event.  If it was a great event I make sure to include a request that the host consider me again for any future speaking events they may be producing.
Before I close this series I also want to let you know that at some point on your journey you may want to host your own event.  I’ve personally produced a lot of events during the course of my career – and have intention to do so again in the future – producing your own event positions you in a whole new way in the market – it’s a great way for you to show up and “share the stage” with some of your mentors or coaches or with people who you really admire and want to learn from yourself – or alternatively it’s a powerful and positive way to showcase some up and coming talent from your own roster of clients.   Messengers supporting messengers is an example of true EMPOWERMENT.


Prepare to be Heard by Millions – Make sure you have a Crystal Clear Message – Know How and Where to Deliver it – Have Fun – Make Mons!


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