Successful Business Women – Go Speak Dating!– Part 3

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Successful Business Women – Go Speak Dating!– Part 3

Who asked Who out?

Successful business women take the time to get clarity on protocol because it can actually make or break your business efforts in some communities.   When you first step into the world of speaking it can be kind of unclear what the protocol is – kind of like in online dating.   As I’ve been going through that process I’ve really had to learn how to navigate the etiquette.  Do I wink first? Do I email first? Do I wait for them to wink or email me?  Do I have to respond to every wink or request for contact?  When do we move from the dating site to personal contact via phone or text?  Who asks who out?

The same questions can apply to speak dating and the wisdom I’m going to share in this post is one of the top reasons why I have been so successful getting speaking gigs and it has allowed me to be heard by millions of people all around the world.

For my very first virtual speaking gig I was fortunate enough to have been ASKED – I was championed by someone who I was working with as a client – someone who happened to be one of the “Grandmothers” of internet based coaching and training.  Because she was my client and because she was obtaining extraordinary results by working with me (her revenues increased by 300% in under 90 days) and because she had a large and loyal following I was truly blessed to be asked to speak on a telesummit that she was hosting and I was fortunate enough to have her coaching me about some of what I needed to have set up so that I could capitalize on the opportunity.

After that first event I was “on the scene” so to speak and other people who had respect for this host or who had heard me speak and were looking for their own events started to seek me out.  Obviously delivering great content was part of the magic for me – but I also did a lot of promoting of the event – to my own loyal list and on my newly budding social media platforms which drove traffic to her event and resulted in sales for her and for me.  A win win win all the way around.  For the whole rest of 2009 I was sought out as a speaker and I began to develop a reputation as someone who would deliver outstanding content and could also generate traffic and sales.

Then right at the end of that year I got the nudge from my “upstairs team” to start researching and reaching out to see if there were other audiences I could serve so I started to look on Google for Telesummits.  Because I was READY TO GO – when I reached out and ASKED (yep I actually ASKED) someone who was hosting a telesummit the following week – she said “YES I would love to have you speak – I have one open slot left! Can you get me your materials by tomorrow?”  I said “How about I get you my materials as soon as we get off the phone?!”

So here’s what I want you to do – if you don’t see anyone right now in your business or circle of colleagues who might be a champion for you to give you a leg up and really get you started then go back to the previous post, start building relationships and then reach out and ASK someone to help you get gigs or ASK to be of service.  Be sure you are READY before you do that though – being ready is a critical action for successful business women to take in order to grow their success  – look in the next post for more on that!

By the way did you know that I created half a million dollars in revenue in my business in under three years by speaking?  Did you also know that I have spoken on close to 400 “Virtual” stages?  What’s that mean?  That means I’ve made a ton of money and had a ton of fun from the comfort of my own home – most of the time I just roll out of bed and spend a good part of the day in my PJs!! If prospering in your pj’s sounds like fun and funded to you and you’d like to learn more about the EXACT STEPS I took to create my own success then I’d love to talk with you – pick up that GOLDEN PHONE and call me 603-594-2744 and we’ll dial in to see if and how I can support you with that vision!


  1. 400 Virtual stages .. wow!! That makes you an expert Ms. Amethyst. I love the share Googling for telesummits. Who Knew. I want to hear more about the “material” part – being prepared for the opportunity.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Love it Adalia – that “material/practical” preparation is what I train people through in my “Prosper In Your PJ’s Virtual Speaking Business Builders Bootcamp™” – it’s a 7 step process that I train called the BE HEARD By Millions Solution™ in that program that outlines the EXACT steps I took to create $500,000 in revenue in my business in just under 3 years and to be heard by millions around the world. Please let me know if you’d like a private conversation with me to see if this is a fit for you!

  2. Wow, Amethyst, such great results. While it helped to have a leg up, the fact was that you were ready with your talk and materials set up and ready to go. When we reach that stage the opportunities will fly in becasue we are attracting them and saying "yes" when they appear. Thank you so much for showing us the way forward with your expertise; sounds like a great virtual event!


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