Successful Business Women – Go Speak Dating!–Part 7 – Did you Get a Lot of Attention?

Dec 31, 2012 by

Successful Business Women – Go Speak Dating!–Part 7 – Did you Get a Lot of Attention?

Having FUN and BEING FUN is a great way to get attention when you are “Speak Dating” and I highly recommend to all the successful business women that I serve that they include a lot of FUN in their lives and work!    It’s ESPECIALLY true if you are going to be speaking at live events – bringing in the FUN vibration will make a huge difference in your experience and in the experience of your audience as well.  Fun is MEMORABLE.   Check out the picture here – do you think I’m going to forget THAT experience anytime soon???   This was taken at a training event that was held right before Halloween.  The event producers were really amazing – the content was powerful, entertaining, educational AND they included a Halloween party where more than 4000 attendees got dressed up, danced and had a LOT of FUN!  (Holy BATMAN – did you SEE those Abs?  Yep – saw them AND touched them!!)

As I’m writing this post I’m heading to a live event that was promoted via a very fun video series where the event hostess created a skit to demonstrate the importance of having a clear idea of what an ideal business looks like.  She dressed up as a gum smacking waitress and was putting the “order” in for a business that was both fun and funded, filled with ideal clients and meaningful work.   Because she was creative AND her video series was relevant to what she was promoting (an event where she’s teaching people how to have a 6 figure business on their own terms) she easily filled the event.  I’m looking forward to attending because I’m going to be taking the stage myself for a portion of the event as a guest MC and because I know that not only will the event be fun and educational, it will also be attended by people who are resonant with fun and having a business that works for them instead of the other way around.

Those are my kind of people – people who might also be interested in what I have to offer – like my newly developed “Prosper In Your PJ’s Virtual Speaking Business Builders Bootcamp™” (where I teach the “Be Heard By Millions Solution™ and share the exact steps I took to build my multi-six figure business in under three years in my PJ’s! – Want to know more?  Apply for an Empowered Messenger Evaluation with me at

Successful business women know that fun is attractive.  Getting attention is what you WANT to do in order to build and grow your business.    Of course whatever you do must be relevant – you can’t get away with being incongruent – so if you have a serious message – find some ways to lighten it up so that your audience can get some relief.   I know a speaker who puts a colander on her head.  I don’t really know what that’s about because I haven’t seen her speak personally but I bet you that when she does speak that colander has relevance to the point she’s making with her talk and people will remember her long after the talk is over!

If you aren’t getting the attention you need, want, deserve or desire then you might want to see what you can do with your talk to put a little fun into the process.  You may also want to examine carefully who you are playing with – if you have been asked to speak and the host or hostess has a different “vibe” than you do it could be causing an adverse effect on your ability to get the attention you are seeking for your message.  Successful business women seek and develop clarity around who they are going to play and work with.  Get clear on who your “peeps” are and then it will be easy to say yes to the right opportunities and no to the opportunities that just aren’t a fit for you.  It’s just like dating – if you don’t know what you want you are going to get invited to participate in a lot of experiences that may be a waste of your time and energy.  Establish your criteria early in the game and be willing to experiment and refine that criteria so you, your message and the real people who are praying for the solution you have to offer are all being served.

Alternatively if you aren’t getting the attention that you should for your work  you may be “hiding” – if this is the case (and you know who you are!) then I’d love to serve and support you in coming OUT.  After all if you have been activated as a messenger – you are going to need to come out of hiding in order to get that message out and getting attention is going to be an integral part of that process.  I understand – having been through it myself – you might be terrified to talk, petrified to perform or scared to be seen.  I love helping people to overcome those challenges and have customized solutions to solve your exact specific problem with being the focus of an audience’s attention.    If this is you – pick up the GOLDEN PHONE and call me!  603-594-2744 – leave a message if I don’t answer – I will call you back!

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  1. MY GAWD, what a hoot! Love the photo, and the message Ms. Amethyst!! You are always having fun, no matter what you do, so you lead by great example!! xo

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