Successful Business Women – Rat Medicine – When someone tries to “Sell” you on something – do you smell a Rat? Part 1

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Successful Business Women – Rat Medicine  – When someone tries to “Sell” you on something – do you smell a Rat? Part 1


Since I started blogging in earnest these last few months I started to notice that all the medicine allies from the animal kingdom wanted to have a say.  When the rat showed up for me the other day I was a bit hesitant because I thought initially that most people really don’t like rats and may be turned off before even considering what the rat might have to say.
Do you ever feel this way?  Like when you have something to say that people aren’t going to listen to you because they don’t like you?  Well I have to share some POWERFUL information – the more people don’t like you means the more you are actually showing up and delivering a message that has some value!  Maybe not to those who don’t like you but sure enough it’s of value to the people who do!


We just came through a pretty rough election period where opposing sides were battling it out for the White House and Congress and there were a lot of people who didn’t like what particular candidates had to say.  An election is all about taking sides, about judging what’s a fit for you and about making a choice that you feel best represents your interests.  So you are NOT going to like the other messenger.  You might even think the messenger on the other side of the fence is a RAT!

All messengers are in fact trying to sell you something – at the bottom of it they are trying to sell you on their message – Jesus had a message of hope and sold it so well that there are still buyers 2000 years later!  Modern day messengers need to know how to sell their message but they also need to know how to make ACTUAL sales – meaning they have to feel safe and powerful asking for money, they need to come out of their shell so they can sell and they need to value themselves and what they have to offer so much that they are able to confidently stand in a fire of opposition and believe in themselves and their gifts in spite of the onslaught from the “enemy”.

Our friends the rats are going to be teaching us over the next few weeks a thing or two about what it takes to be really in the spotlight – which is where all successful business women should aspire to be  – to be the star of our own show and to stand our ground with power and persistence even when it seems that everyone is leaving what appears to be the ‘sinking ship’ of our business!

Here’s what we are going to cover:


Stay tuned because these little friends have some deep wisdom!


  1. Wow, you're right Amethyst: this IS powerful information!  I am so glad you will be writing more on this topic and look forward to your coming posts.  Perfect timing for me as this has come up for me very strongly just this week.

    Thank you for being a powerful example of a woman standing in her truth and message no matter what.  This is the opposite of the conditioning I received growing up, both in my family and in the professional ballet world and in society in general… well, everywhere really!!!  While I am finding ever more stability and strength within to be able to stay true in the midst of challenges and opposition, it is really helpful to hear your take on it.  Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Thank YOU Erin!  I appreciate your comments!  Please keep your eye out on the rest of the series – part two was published today!

      I would LOVE to hear what you think of each post!

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