Successful Business Women – Rat Medicine – When someone tries to “Sell” you on something – do you smell a Rat? Part 5 – Survival

Feb 25, 2013 by

Successful Business Women – Rat Medicine  – When someone tries to “Sell” you on something – do you smell a Rat? Part 5 – Survival

Rats are survivors that’s for sure – they are the first to abandon a sinking ship – and really successful business women know when to let go of what’s no longer working too.  The only way to survive in business is to be utterly fearless and totally unattached to “your stuff”.  One of the biggest challenges I see with messengers is that they are so focused on their own “stuff” that they are not paying attention to the people who are willing to pay them for their services.   To me if you are not selling you are not serving – so your “Stuff”- all the stuff you want to create (websites, books, blogs, reports, programs, products etc.) is secondary to having those one on one sales conversations where you are getting absolutely crystal clear feedback on what the market wants.  When you are getting paid for something then that is what the market wants!!  I have been working lately with a number of messengers who are in the process of creating something new.   I had a mentor who taught me about the fine art of PRESELLING something – and this is a POWER NUGGET here – if you sell something in advance of creating it you know immediately whether or not there is a market for what you want to create!

In order to SURVIVE and THRIVE in business you have to sell, sell, sell!!! So if SELLING is a DIRTY WORD in your vocabulary – if you have any kind of hang-ups or blocks or resistance or challenges around selling then I want to hear from you because if you aren’t SELLING you aren’t SERVING – and YES I want you to come to the conversation EXPECTING to have an offer made to you if it’s a fit for us to work together – if I’m not selling I’m not serving either and I would much rather speak to people who are serious about getting help – about getting the unique transformation that I am here to offer in this area.   Can you become fearless and courageous about asking for money?  What would it be like for you in your business and life if you could?  A Sell to Serve Mentorship package may be a perfect fit for you!   Please apply for a private evaluation with me to see today –

This concludes the RATS Medicine Series – so I want to extend a big thank you to my rat medicine friends – and to remind you that instead of thinking that people who sell are rats (and you don’t want to be one of THOSE) how about if you turn that whole idea upside down and realize that people who open the door for you to an opportunity to change your life in some way by investing in yourself through their work are really here to help you become a STAR!  (Did you notice that’s rats spelled backward?)


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