2012: Mountain-Solid, Sun-Bright, Lion-Truth

Jan 12, 2012 by

A Note and Letter to Messengers with a Blessing on this Earth with us, as we step into 2012

Earth sunrise North America with light cloudsIt’s 2012. A lotta hubub. A lotta talk. And we’ve heard some pretty heavy sh*t out there – have you heard it? About death and apocalypse and upheaval and destruction! What does ‘the end of the world’ even mean?
As high initiates in shamanic and mystery schools, we come to you with some invitations on how to imagine and manage the coming year – starting with some very simple steps. Check out our 5-minute feature video on this blog called “[Video] 2012: The Beginning of the World!” for some of our take on this, and our charge/invitation to you.
We are excited to be here with you, our beloved brothers and sisters, friends, partners, co-creators, as we all have chosen to be in-embodiment and on the spiritual path at this moment in history. Congratulations and Thank You!
There is much sacred work yet before us—within ourselves, in partnership with each other, and with this precious planet. As we all know, at the dawn of something new, sometimes old habits pose resistance. Breathe with that resistance, dears, and falter not.
Just as our precious Earth may tremor and tremble this year more than others, as she throws off discord and returns herself to balanced power, through Sacred Storm, Sacred Quake and other such phenomena, so, too, shall many of US, within, in our hearts and voices, crack, break, tremble and shake as the Power of our Heart’s Voice erupts from us, a blessing to the world.
Fear not, precious hearts. For out of your love, and our love that we hold together, in-partnership, shall rise a new world. Let your love, and the certainty of your being, crack open. Let your voice tremble. For your voice is your power, your rhythm, your truth, and your blessing.
As you transition, we invite you to call for assistance from higher beings to whom you feel close, like the angels and masters, to help you and our precious planet step into that harmony and power, with maximum grace and minimum suffering. You will never stand alone in this.
Even in the midst of what appears to be lack, fear, seeming problems and ‘issues’ and ‘blocks’, let not your hearts be swayed from the Lion-Truth you courageously harbor… that the throneroom of your divinity has put out the call for the return of the Goddess I AM that you are. The God I AM that you are. The throne of your love beckons! You wouldn’t be here, reading this, if you didn’t hear it, and you weren’t following the song home.

Though you might get caught in doubt from time to time, in all truth, there is no stopping your Love. There is no stopping you speaking your truth, and embodying the grace and abundance that is your birthright. Do not get caught in outer appearances, dear hearts, for there is so much more happening under the surface that shall be revealed.
Enjoy this year, dear hearts. Keep an open mind, an open heart, and judge not the outer appearances any more than you judge the inner. For they are but that – appearances. Be still, and know your truth, that “I AM an Empowered Messenger of Peace, Harmony, and Love – and I WILL NOT LET ANYTHING get in my way.”
“In this, I AM Unshakable. Unstoppable. I AM not going anywhere.”
Be inwardly Mountain-Solid, and Sun-Bright, regardless of any tremors that may appear within or around you.

Precious friends: Find your voice, find your message, find your unique contribution, and BRING IT! If you want deeper assistance with that, know that’s what we do, and we’re around! If you’re really feeling ready to take some action and see that happen for yourself at the next level right now, you can apply for a SEE appointment at www.theempoweredmessenger.com/see.

Elegance and poise be upon you in all you are, all you do, and all you touch, today and forever! Amethyst and I have so much love for you, dear hearts! Fare Well, friends!

In The All-Enfolding Grace of the Divine Mother,

Mikhael & Amethyst

P.S. Again of course if you want some help with this, take a look at our complimentary SEE appointment application! 🙂 www.theempoweredmessenger.com/see

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