The Muses – 14 Day Self-Exposure Challenge

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[Poetry For My People]

The Muses

When the muses speak

int the middle of the week

to spark a fire deep in the heart

you know IT’S TIME! to make some art


Put down the dishrag, pick up the pen

the muses only visit, every now and then.

Honor them now and start to write

bring their fine words in to the light


The dishes can wait and so can the bills

the muses have come to deliver the thrills

Of playing with words and making them rhyme

Put off the to do list for another time.
Pray for the muses to stay for a while

write for your life then sit back with a smile

And thank them for showing you…. THIS is the way

to brighten your morning and enlighten your day!


When the urge to express yourself – to channel the message through – comes upon you sometimes it can feel like a giant wave that you just have to jump on and RIDE!   I love it when I’m in the “flow” like I have been in the last few weeks – however the flow can sometimes wreak havoc with “the plan”!!  We’ve been taught that we have to plan, have goals, take our action steps, etc. and this will be the way to success.   Don’t get me wrong – in a lot of ways planning is a very good thing to do.   However when we become ATTACHED to our plans at the EXPENSE of our flow then we can end up supressing and squelching that which is beautiful in favor of that which is practical.   The opposite can also happen – if we indulge ourselves in every single creative whim that hits our fancy.  When that happens we can end up scattered in a multitude of different directions with now discernable tangible results either in finished projects or funds in our pockets!   The key then is to become DISCERNING.

Make sure that you are planning – creating timelines – setting up your business to reach certain milestones.   Become clear on who and how you will be serving your purpose and then remember to detach!   Man/Woman plans – God/Goddess Laughs!!   Of course if you identify with the role of being a messenger a good part of your planning process must include plenty of space/time for creativity!   You must give yourself the structure to have “unstructured time” just to allow the flow to go.   With the right structure in place – which for creatives is a loose and flexible one – you can pretty much have your cake and eat it too!

Overcoming overwhelm – at all the decisions that have to be made when you are in business – and all the creative ideas and possibilities you have access to as a Divine channel of the infinite – can be a particularly difficult challenge to manage for many visionary creative spiritual entrepreneurs.   You want to honor the muses – most definitely!  You also want to honor your commitment to pay the mortgage!   How you navigate creating a great structure for yourself starts within – with becoming clear about what you want and with opening up the gateways to what’s possible that you may not have even thought of when you were determining your wants.   Often this process requires outside support – especially in the opening stages of your awakening to your role as a messenger when things are very exciting!   Learning how to contain and channel that flow into beautiful reservoirs of revenue and pools of prosperity would be of high benefit to you wouldn’t it?

Let’s talk to see if its a fit for me to help you with your own Divine Business Design – it’s one of the areas I specialize in – and it’s through the Divine Business Design process that you set up the structure to convert your wisdom to wealth and change worlds.  Apply for an opportunity to connect with me to see if working together is a fit right here:

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