Three Actions You Must Take While On The Stage

Nov 15, 2014 by

amethyststageA speaking gig is a “Transformational” opportunity – it’s a sacred space, an ALCHEMICAL cauldron where the trajectory of someone’s life can change in an instant.

Regardless of whether or not money is being exchanged at the back of the room, make no mistake you are “selling” even if it’s only your point of view and message that is being sold.

Here are three ACTIONS you must take to make your moments on the virtual or live stage worth it – for you and for your audience.

First you want to ACTIVATE your Audience. This really starts the moment you hit the stage – how you show up – how much PURE PRESENCE you are able to ground in that moment is key to how fully you will be able to ACTIVATE your audience. The most dynamic, charismatic speakers “have you at, ‘Hello’ “. They are able to ACTIVATE people just by taking the stage (or starting to speak if it’s a virtual gig). They command your attention, the energy flows off their bodies. Some may even seem to glow, and no, it isn’t just the stage lighting causing that impression! ACTIVATION begins with YOUR INTENTION – to be a pure clear channel and allow to flow through me the energy that will serve the most people in the highest way possible is always my intention—no matter when I speak or what I’m speaking about. The words matter less than the energy – words are cheap, your pure intention and impeccable commitment to being PRESENT for the audience is what carries the most value.

Second you want to ASK your audience. Asking your audience means inviting them to go with you – to go to the place that you came here to share and show them – to imagine themselves for a moment – there – with you – in the story that you are weaving. Whether this is a story of success, or a story of triumph over great odds, or a story of some everyday mundane experience that has a unique teaching point embedded in it—you want to ask your audience to suspend their disbelief and step outside of their own small world for the time that you have with them and to go along with you on the journey. Sometimes when you are speaking in order to share a program, product or service you have created, you will also be asking them to imagine themselves experiencing the RESULTS that can be accomplished by enrolling themselves into that process. Asking also means you are making an emotional connection – you are asking these people to connect to your heart, to your story, to your journey and you are asking them to face those areas of their own life where they have fallen short of what they know in their core is possible for them. Asking is a delicate dance – and it requires balance in your presentation to bring people up and inspire them to step into their own greatness and as one of my mentor said once to make sure you also put their nose in the “poop” so they can’t ignore it!

Third Action Step is to call for the ADVANCE – This is where you are going to start to separate the audience – and to remember “Skunk Medicine”. There are going to be all kinds of people in the audience. Some will be with you. Some won’t. You must be able to include both in the space energetically and hold the space and command the room and at the same time SPEAK to those who will be ADVANCING along the path that you are sharing with them. Those people who will AGREE to “buy in” to your message and what you are offering (if you are selling from the stage) are YOUR PEOPLE—and your job is to speak to their hearts specifically. It helps, when you are ready to ask people to advance, to identify them with words that are going to “ring” for them. Some of those words are going to naturally ALIENATE some of the audience and that’s GREAT! You want to ATTRACT your people who came specifically for the message that will ADVANCE their life and be totally ok with ALIENATING those who are not your people. Alienation is actually a sign that you are on your right path and it’s a great indicator of who is not your audience – so never take this personally – celebrate it when you discover it!


  1. Margaret

    Thank you. The 3rd point is most important to hear and digest for a reluctant prophet like myself!

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