Top 10 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Have a Hard Time Generating Money

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Top 10 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Have a Hard Time Generating Money


  1. OVER GIVING – when you are giving giving giving all the time you set up a dynamic where there is no space for you to receive – clients, money, or satisfaction.  Overgiving is a horrible habit to have in business – there is a huge difference between being generous with what you have to offer and giving so much that the people you are attempting to serve see no reason left to buy from you.
  2. FEAR OF PURSUIT –– for many women the idea of being attractive and pursued causes you to want to hide and pull back.   Being magnetic can be scary if you don’t know how to set and maintain appropriate boundaries.  As a business owner you actually WANT to be pursued – you want to be magnetic and you also want to have a clear boundary that is the “Gateway” through which people can only receive more of your time, attention and wisdom by making a purchase or an investment in what you have to offer.
  3. MASTERING POWER – Women often keep playing small because we don’t have a lot of experience having a lot of money and power and we don’t know what we would do with it if we did.  As you expand and grow in your business you will have to expand and grow your ability to master and manage power in the form of both money and the attention of your people – every person who comes into work with you is bringing their own power to the table – their personal power and their money.  Can you handle a lot of power?  Or are you afraid of what you might become?
  4. SPEAKING UP – In order to take your business to the heights you HAVE TO be willing to speak – speaking is the number one way to connect with people, help them to understand what you and your business are all about and invite them in to a deeper and more profitable relationship with you.  Speak Speak Speak – and if you as a little girl were told to “be seen and not heard” that old program may still be running if you aren’t out speaking, selling and serving.
  5. CONFLICTING INTEREST – Women are incredibly multi-dimensional – we can multitask like nobody’s business – we are wired that way so that we can manage multiple children at the same time.  When you step into business you can actually CREATE conflict and keep yourself stuck by utilizing the very skill that is a natural survival instinct to create lots of projects – most of which are never finished.  A business is not a child nor are those projects.  Stop making piles of things to do – eliminate all but the top three – literally – put everything else you are “working on” in a box in the basement.  Finish something.  Then you can sell it!
  6. LACK OF SELF WORTH – If you are not valuing yourself, what you have to offer and the contribution you are here to make no one else will.  You have to OWN what you are worth and what you are offering is worth.  There are a ton of successful women in corporate who can sell the pants off of any one but when they make the leap to running their own business they can’t sell for s*!t  Why?  Because it’s THEIR OWN STUFF they are trying to sell and at some level they are carrying doubt around it’s effectiveness or value.
  7. CAUGHT IN OTHER PEOPLE’S STORIES – Are you living YOUR dream?? Or is it your Mom’s dream for you?  Or your husband’s?  Or your teacher’s?  Or society’s???  What does it mean to be a mom, a woman, an entrepreneur – what role are you playing?  Are you defining your role on your terms or on someone else’s?  If you are not radically authentic then you are a cookie cutter, knock off, copy cat and your revenues will reflect that.  So go DO YOU – everyone else is taken!
  8. FEEDING THE HUNGRY GHOSTS –  How much time are you spending feeding your life force into the fears, doubts, disbelief, and negative “Nellies” that are either in your own head or reflected around you in the people who are dream stealers and energy vampires?  If you are feeding them you are not feeding your dream and then your dream isn’t going to be able to feed you back.
  9. LACK OF SLEEP/DREAM TIME – As a woman you actually NEED MORE SLEEP – sleep time is not just for resting the body – it’s the time when you are able to connect to your dreams and visions.  You must make sacred time for rest, for sleep, for dreaming (night and day dreaming) so that you are constantly renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated.   If you starve yourself from sleeping/dreamtime every aspect of your life will suffer.  You are the “Golden Goose” in your business – take care of the Goose FIRST!
  10. DISCONNECTION FROM YOUR TRUE SOURCE – your SOURCE whether you call that GOD or GODDESS or Higher Self or whatever else you want to call it that works for you is the SOURCE of all.  The source of your inspiration, the source of your motivation and at the end of the day SOURCE is what provides you with life itself.   When you are disconnected from the TRUE SOURCE of your supply you end up in “lack mentality” and you become grasping and desperate.  Then the only people who will want to do business with you will be those who are also grasping and desperate.  Which will make the whole thing feel like YUCK, and will discourage you from even wanting to get out of bed in the morning at all – never mind making sales presentations!

So are you ready to HAMMER that Glass Ceiling and shatter it once and for all?? Here’s a truth – you can have ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES – if it’s a successful and profitable business then take a look at this top ten list and see where you need help – invest in a mentor – make the decision to make the change today and get your party started because YOU are WORTH IT!

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  1. Great list.  I love that you don't mince words or sugar coat it, either (especially in #2 and #5).   One to print out and post in the studio.

  2. This is the BEST information I have read in a long time. Thank you for your brilliance. 

  3. "Overgiving" – OY, is THAT familiar.  But in the past week, I've said "No" to two people who wanted what I do, but they were looking for a personal favor, not a business interaction. I invited them to become my clients: one may take me up on it, the other vanished.  Which is okay.  She wasn't going to pay for my work anyway. I'm learning not to "give away so much that they see no reason left to buy."

  4. Great article, Amethyst. Really good reminder of the things that can keep us stuck. 🙂

  5. So very good – I think 7. CAUGHT IN OTHER PEOPLE’S STORIES is the one that really strikes home.  My husband and I have to catch it in me so often that we named it, "benefaction" – which is the thing you do when you're giving out, up, and over too much because your stuff will get done another day.  I want to transmit, communicate and offer my message… and do so often by sharing it, giving it away and helping with other people's needs… but giving it away guarantees it has low value!  The beneficiaries get far less from it than if I exchange it for value that is at a far deeper level a "fair trade"… in other words, business NOT benefaction.   Thanks so much for a great list and a great reminder!!


  6. 5. CONFLICTING INTEREST is the hardest for me!  Great article and reminder of what we need to be doing for ourselves.

  7. Laura

    Great list, Amethyst! Overgiving is something I need to review in my life and change my attitude about it. Your words made me realize that this is the first place I must work on. And conflicting interests is another point that I will pay more attention to to get something done. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

  8. Great article and reminders of the challenges faced or overcome. I've come face to face with many of these over the years of my own growth, both personally and business. #4 Speaking Up and #5 Conflicting Interest are repeated ceilings where I find that I limit myself.

  9. This is such a great list, Amethyst – you are an awesome messenger in your own right! I particularly relate to points 1 (giving so much that the people you are attempting to serve see no reason left to buy from you. – OUCH! ), 2 (being magnetic can be scary – I actually hadn't realised that that was one of my fears!), 6 (at some level they are carrying doubt around it’s effectiveness or value – so true) & 8 (I really need to hold on to my life force!). Thank you so much for your wisdom!

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