Unedited – 14 Day Self-Exposure Challenge

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[Poetry for My People]


The words pour forth

through the pen and on to the page

Unedited.  Raw and in this moment.

Not to be altered as they land.

The energy and intent is clear

the message needs no window dressing

to enhance it’s magic.

From the Heart & Soul of the Universe

the words pour forth.

My only role to be the channel and record.

Unedited.  Gabriel the Messenger Angel

shining through with truth & beauty

to deliver the message in so many words.

Replace Fear with Love.

The only message that matters…..

….as the words pour forth.


I don’t edit.   Everything I write is stream of consciousness.  It comes out as is and it’s a VERY rare occasion where I might change one word or move a punctuation mark.   99.9% of the time my work is totally and completely unedited.   Some would say that’s foolish.   There are writers of course who’s work most definitely SHOULD be edited.  I recently received a book from a man who from all outward appearances is a stellar success in the personal and professional development field.  The book was SO ATROCIOUSLY written that I think I put it in the pile to be used for fire starting material.  I can not imagine how this man can actually be such a horrific writer and communicator of ideas and be as successful as he seems to be in this business.   This of course arouses another remembrance in my awareness – which is not all is at it seems on the outside!

I have been “in the business” long enough to have seen some train wrecks.  People who have spent thousands upon thousands to get their business up and running and have the FABULOUS headshots, Award Winning Website Design, and all the other bells and whistles that the market has to sell you but behind all the smoke and mirrors they haven’t really got a business at all – in fact it’s all been built on a house of cards – credit cards that is.    Then the “here today and gone tomorrow” folk burn up like phoenixes but alas they rarely rise again from the ashes.

Here are some things I’ve noticed.  Business is simple.  Sell Great Stuff.  Create Great Results.  Make Great Money.  Simple.

Problem is that most of these “entrepreneurs” are buying more than they are selling and they are buying the FLUFF instead of the substance.   Simply put if you have CLARITY in your message and you are feeling COURAGEOUS and CONFIDENT in expressing it then you can easily and swiftly CONVERT your CALLING into CASHFLOW without all the bells and whistles!  Yes you can!  If the internet disappeared tomorrow I would still be able to make money.  Unedited!

If you are called yourself – then you might very well be a messenger like me.  You might not need to be edited either – instead you may need to become Empowered! With the right tools and the right guidance to get you set for success that is sustainable.   I have a client who came on to work with me privately – she is intent on leaving her old career field and moving into the personal and professional development space herself.   She had a lot of INNER GAME issues that we’ve been working on since we began our work together – in service to getting her set for success on the outside.   Within 9 months of starting to work together she had her first high end sale of her new offering!  During Christmas week of all weeks!  And she just let me know that she’s already recouped her entire investment from working with me.   How awesome is that?

We worked on the fundamentals:   INNER WORK Healing & Rewiring for Wealth, Crystallizing The Message, Divine Business Design & Selling to Serve.  Now she’s in my Fyred Up and Focused Accountability track and is aligned and making excellent progress towards launching her first online product – from a place of already knowing she can make money by serving high end clients!  Positioned to Profit for sure!   Would you be interested in finding out how I might serve you to succeed?   Apply here for a complimentary exploration conversation – I like to call it a Message to Millions Map Session:  http://www.theempoweredmessenger.com/map   I look forward to seeing if it would be good fit to support you!

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