Visionary Leadership Skills: Skunk Medicine Be Aware of What You Put Out There Part 6

Nov 5, 2012 by

Laughing Halloween BabyPlay play play all day – not something you might normally think of when contemplating the various visionary leadership skills that are important to cultivate when you are in business as an empowered messenger and yet this final lesson from Skunk may be the most important of all!  “All work and no play makes Johnny (or Janey) a dull boy (or girl)” so they say!  In this “dating” quest I’ve discovered that I needed to make a serious decision to really LIGHTEN UP and have some fun and more importantly I realized that I needed to get even MORE clear on what some of my top priorities are for being in a relationship.   One of my top top priorities is that I will attract someone who is on purpose, who loves to travel and who likes to have fun and who has the FREEDOM (both time wise and money wise) that I have created for my own self to be anywhere I want to be and still be able to work at my craft.

So I took myself away – last weekend  – to a place where I thought I might just be able to attract some opportunities for companionship that I have yet to find in this online dating practice that I have been engaged in for the last several months.  I decided if I want someone with those qualities that I would ask my friends and colleagues too and was blessed to have one of my friends invite me to “The View” a huge live event in Dallas where members of the World Ventures organization were gathered to learn, party and play.

World Ventures is a network marketing organization that packages and sells travel and the opportunity to invest and become a representative.   Well I was just blown away by the energy, excitement and definitely by the caliber of LEADING MEN that were at this event.  I got to dress up – formally on one night and in costume the next, to dance, to have fun and most importantly to be fed spiritual food and intellectual stimulation by the edu-tainment training that was produced and delivered by the geniuses behind the World Ventures organization.

I was so excited and frankly IGNITED that I made the choice to invest myself in becoming an independent business owner representative and you can check out my new travel booking and DreamTrips Membership site here: .   One of the reps on the team said that this organization is like eharmony on steroids because one of the membership benefits is that groups get together to travel with each other – in fact there was a MEGA DreamTrip in July that may make the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest group of people ever to go on vacation together.

Here are a few photos that will show you how much fun fun is!!  And will probably clue you in to why I’m probably going to be taking a whole lot more vacations in the weeks and months ahead.


Me and My Girl Crystal “The Wealth Dr.” Gifford


Woo Woo Woman out for Tricks or Treats!



Play is one of those visionary leadership skills that you absolutely MUST include in your business and your life so that you stay fresh, your creative juices are activated, and your heart can stay light!  What are YOU playing at today?


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  1. One can see how much fun you’re having from these pics! Enjoy. And good luck in your new travel business venture, your play and the new relationship you are attracting! You go girl.

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