Women In Leadership – Enjoy WRITING with your CAT!

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Lead Like A Lion! Now That's a BEAUTIFUL CAT!

(Part 3 of a 6 part series)

Women In leadership who want an easy, fun and expense free (other than time) way to build credibility, visibility and to demonstrate expertise in one or more topic areas will find that WRITING is one of the easiest and perhaps for those creative messengers out there most enjoyable ways to work with your CAT (Client Attraction Template™).  Writing allows you to do a number of things:

1) Self Express – If you are a messenger it’s a given that you are most likely BUBBLING over with your message – for me I am like a giant fountain and what writing allows me to do is to capture some of the goodness and spread it around in a way that let’s potential clients and customers consume my viewpoints and teachings as they wish – either in long reads or in bite sized chunks.  If I didn’t have the outlet of writing I would probably explode.  It allows me to share so much more of who I am as a messenger, as a woman, as a spiritual leader and as a mentor.  Writing allows me to shine a light on all kinds of skills, gifts and hidden talents so that prospects get a much broader picture of all that I have to offer – significantly more so than they would from a short speech or event.

2) Be Creative – when you write you can express in a variety of ways – academically, poetically, in story form, as a reporter.  This helps to hold interest and again allows your prospective clients to get a better feel for who you are and how you can serve them – are you multifaceted with a variety of gifts that you bring to the table or are you narrowly but exquisitely focused on consistently delivering expertise in a very specific way?

3) Spread Your Word Far and Wide – with the advent of the internet and blogging women in leadership and visionary messengers are able to use writing to reach around the world and touch unimaginable numbers of people.  A far cry from the days when writing consisted of either getting a book put together or finding magazines or newspapers that would publish you – we now live in a time where EVERYONE can be a messenger and their voice and views can be shared freely and even more exciting we now have FEEDBACK!  Where once the only feedback you received was delayed or non-existent – now we have feedback instantly and we can actually converse with our readers who are also prospective clients or customers because they’ve already “raised their hand” so to speak to let you know when they comment on your writing that you have something of interest to offer to them!

4) Be in front of people indefinitely and even be sharing your message while you sleep – another really fabulous reason to write write write – books, blogs, articles,mini reports, ebooks, and even posts on Facebook or Twitter are like little soldiers that are out there working for you day and night – sometimes if you have something especially stellar to say that is inspiring or igniting you’ll even create a “Viral” wave with your message with people sharing your words of wisdom with their networks – the pass along effect  will do wonders for your business I can assure you!

One thing I know is that sometimes people experience “writer’s block” or they just don’t believe that they have enough to say in writing to be worthy of a book or a blog – and I am here to tell you – if you have come to this page – that at some level you are identifying yourself as a messenger and so writing is going to need to be a big part of your journey.  I was recently working with a private client who was trying to get clear on her message and this exact issue came up – and we discovered that she had a bad school experience as a child that caused her to procrastinate, delay and actually almost despise writing.   We were able to clear that and get her moving and by the very next meeting she more than doubled her writing output on the assignments that are part of my Crystal Bridge System™ that I use to help clients to crystallize their message and capitalize on their purpose work.

I am going to be writing another book myself soon and have plans to use my blog to support that process.  Writing is a marvelous way to make new friends, create connection with prospective clients – and maybe even get known in a bigger way by major publications and the mainstream media – what better way to get your message to the masses?





  1. Hi Amethyst. I enjoy writing and have been journaling since I was a little girl. I agree that if you want more credibility, which in turn attracts more client’s, then writing articles is key. I also enjoy making short video’s to get my message out.

  2. Amethyst, I agree, Everyone has something of value to share – their challenge is figuring out how to package it and reach the people they can help the most.

    Good luck with your book.

  3. Love this, Amethyst! I, too, must express myself and my message, else I will explode!! I am so grateful to enjoy writing, but there times when I feel blocked and fear I will have nothing to say. When that happens I get situated with my computer on my lap and then say a prayer to be guided on what words to say. Then I start typing and the words come. Thanks for hitting it out of the park with this article! xo

  4. I had a dream about lion medicine last night so needed to read your blog…and it contains the energy I expected – bold, powerful and expressive! I am paying attention. thank you Amethyst.

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